Simon Cotsworth is a modern craftsman. His skills as a producer, engineer and programmer harbour a complete understanding of the technology central to modern music making. Adaptable to a multitude of styles and techniques, Simon manipulates studio based technology for its exact purpose: to precisely recreate the complexities of the human soul. Fortunately, he has been working just long enough to have learnt the traditional techniques, and in so doing, his understanding of digital recording is all the more acute.

18 years in the industry, starting at the bottom and working up. Attending infinite sessions; willing, learning, being there, taking chances. From tape op. to freelance assistant engineer, to more stable work at various London studios. Spending time in device-centred environments, he armed himself with new disciplines and honed techniques picked up at the freelance sessions. It paid off, his new skills of programming, plus operating the only just emerging computers and samplers, allowed him to takeover freelance sessions, and so become in-demand.

A young engineer with cutting edge skills, in an increasingly young industry, Simon was quick to capitalise on his position. Working solidly with some of the new leading talents in music production, at some of London's most prestigious and progressive studios soon found him credited on many successful recorded works.

Engineer, producer, programmer, mixer, he is nothing if not adroit. Successful working partnerships come easy and he is succinct at understanding the requirements of those he works with.

Once professionally established, and now inside the Incognito camp, Simon turned his attention towards perfecting a technologically solvent work space. Migrating to a Macintosh-based Logic Audio / Pro-Tools set-up, he saw the benefits of establishing a server-orientated and fully connected studio environment. He developed a powerful storage and back-up system, and enabled a very smooth, integrated computer network to do this. Taking on a task a whole team is usually employed to tackle, Simon was successful, due to an almost inherent understanding of computers.

In recent years, Simon's abilities at recording and engineering have grown in tandem with his knowledge of IT. His strongest virtue is the capacity to take in information and apply it in the right place to get the best results. Whether involved in the production of music, or in syncopating the technology behind it, he is knowledgeable, professional and precise. An asset to any forward-thinking, technologically-based environment, Simon brings with him exacting standards that constantly strive for the highest quality.

William Thomas 2001